20 Short Tips To Increase Your Website Traffic

If you have a site, I’m sure you check the statistics regularly. If you are a bit frustrated by what you read, here are 20 short tips to increase traffic to your website.

1. Link A Blog to Your Website

We’ve already seen it together, having a blog is a key element to increase traffic to your website. This requires you to regularly update your site and write around an interesting keyword for your SEO. For more details, you can read the article about the interest of the corporate blog

How to Increase Your Blog Organic Traffic Without Creating Backlinks

2. Publish Articles Regularly To Your Blog

It is read everywhere, it is necessary to publish regularly, but why? Because the more content you produce the more your site will contain page and as each page is written around a keyword … On the other hand, a referenced page is an additional entry to your site. In addition, search engine robots tend to frequent more often regularly updated sites. It is all benefic

3. Heal Your Content

Good content will allow you to increase traffic to your site. In fact, Google likes unique content (in the case of duplicate content, you risk punishment), the relevance of your content is also taken into account (the number of links, the number of words, …). To learn more, check out this computer generated by Search Metrics

4. Look After Your Titles

Your titles should both please your readers, but also allow for a good referencing of your article. Be careful when choosing your titles.

5. Integrate Images And Fill In The Attribute alt

It is interesting to fill in this attribute for your SEO because an image does not speak to the search engines, only the text counts. In addition, searches via Google image are numerous and it would be a shame to miss out on this traffic!

6. Your Keywords

Do not hesitate to spend time on your keywords, it is an essential element to generate a constant and targeted traffic. Your keywords should not be too competitive and at the same time meet a sufficient demand to have an interesting traffic.

7. Choose Your Times Of Publication

Leverage data from analytics tools and make it a habit to publish your articles when users visit your site

8. Increase the Number of Your External Links

Again for search engines, a site that is “recommended” by external links of good quality is a site that deserves attention

9. Stretch Your Site With Internal Links

Besides the fact that it facilitates the navigation of the user on your site, a good mesh of internal links in your site allows the robots of the engines to accede more quickly to a large number of pages

10. Social Networks

Relaying your information and publications on social networks will allow you to increase your traffic a little, but above all to increase your visibility

11. The Newsletter

Regularly sending a newsletter to your contact list will let you know each time you post a new article and you will increase traffic by prompting them to visit your site to read for your prose.

12. Monitoring Tools

It is necessary to publish regularly and to find the inspiration, set up a watch of your sector of activity.

13. Write Guest Articles

Get out of your blog and share your expertise on another site. Not only will you get to know the community of the blog that welcomes you, but in addition, this will make you an external link.

14. Post Guest articles

In the same way, welcome the texts of other bloggers, the benefits will be the same as for the trick 13.

15. Look After Your Different Tags

Think of integrating your keywords in your different tags

16. Free Press Release Sites

Certainly it is not thanks to a free CP service that you have a lot of chance to seduce journalists, but this can bring you a bit of traffic!

17. The Comments

Post relevant comments on blogs or forums that revolve around your theme or the same target

18. The Directories

If you choose a good quality directory, which does not require a back link on your site (a bilateral link exchange is frowned upon by Google), this may be good for your traffic

19. Integrate Sharing Buttons

Make life easier for your readers by including buttons that easily share your content on social networks

20. Monitor the Speed of Loading Your Site / Blog

We are very impatient! Did you ever leave a site before the page was fully loaded because it took too long? It’s the same for your visitors.

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