9 Habits That Increase Chances of Success In Blogging

There is one thing that all successful bloggers have in common are Habits.

They all have habits that allow them to stay focused and remain productive no matter what happens. They can easily navigate between the ups and downs of their lives, and always keep on blogging.
These habits force them to focus on things like learning new techniques, looking for new things about blogging, SEO and best practices in other areas. They also create networks with other people.

To succeed in any area of life, you need to work regularly on this area. By creating good habits, you increase your chances of success. Bloggers also need Inspiration And Motivation To Blogging

As stated in an article in an American newspaper, Michael Jordan practiced suspended shots even out of season; And the Williams sisters practiced tennis every morning before school. To be successful, you need to do more than any other person and you have to do it on a regular basis.

Every habit you want to create can be done in several steps. By focusing on these small steps, you build good habits over time.

To make it easier and create a habit, go step by step. For example, put your sports bag in the trunk of your car instead of focusing on the whole process that asks to pack your sports bag, go to the gym, sweat to death, come home, shower you And unpack the sports bag. Concentrate on one task at a time.

The same concept applies to blogging.

Focus on the small tasks you can do one by one and create good habits. In fact, from my own experience and observing other bloggers, having good habits is the most important element to succeed in blogging.

If you want to be successful as a blogger, here are some habits you should develop and keep:

Make Notes Wherever You Are

Find the most convenient way to keep all your notes. There are many ways to do that. You can use cards and classify them. You can write them down on your phone and transfer ideas to DropBox or another online storage system. You can file them in folders on your computer.

The main point is to remain productive at all times. It does not matter how you take the notes, take them and make it easy to get back to them later.

Personally, I use Evernote to record all the ideas and any other online reading to which I will come back later. I use Evernote because it’s easy for me to sync everything between my tablet, my PC and my cell phone.

Ask Yourself The Right Questions

Robert Kiyosaki shares a tip in his book “Father Rich, Poor Father”: he says you should always ask yourself “How can I do this …” whenever you are impressed by someone else or times Where you like an idea.

For example, when you look at another blogger’s site, you wonder, “How can I improve my blog so that it is as well? “

By asking the right question (how?), You open yourself to infinite possibilities.

By asking the right question (how?), Your brain does not stop admiring others but works to repeat what you admire. You stay busy looking for a way to make sure that others also admire you and imitate those you respect.

Always Optimize Your Content For Search Engines

Although we should not rely on search engines as our only source of traffic, Google is still an important source of targeted traffic.

First, always include relevant keywords in your article titles and subtitles. Do a keyword research to understand what internet users are looking for and what other bloggers in your niche are writing. This means that you should do a good keyword research to see what is popular, which gets the most traffic and what you could write about in the future.
Some of the tools you can use for this search are:

  • Google Trend
  • Google Google Alert
  • Keyword Planner

Publish Your Content on Social Networks at The Right Time

Almost all bloggers acknowledge that sharing your content on social media is not optional. If you want to increase your reach, reach your readers and make people talk to you, you simply need to have a presence on the three biggest social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+).

However, planning these publications at the right time can have a huge impact on how your campaigns could be successful on social networks.

Not only the day you publish an account, but also the time, even the words you use and the size of your image.

Find out the best time to post on Twitter / Facebook / Pinterest for your profile using tools like HootSuite. Then simply share your important publications where people connect the most.

Keep Distractions Away When You Write

It is easy to be distracted by writing. If you are in the kitchen and your daughter is walking in the room and starts talking in the middle of that sentence you are writing, or you have a television that plays in the background and something captures your interest, You may be distracted and lose the thread of your thinking.

Our brains are not designed to multitask effectively. Apparently, our brains do not like to do multiple tasks.

The researchers found that it may take time for the brain to move from one task to another. Even if it is only 1 / 10th of a second, it reduces our attention on this task. Although studies show that women are better at multitasking, this is not ideal. It is better to focus on one task at a time. You will actually become more made and have it done faster.

To work more effectively and focus on one task at a time:

Stay away from the phone, tv, emails
Disconnect from your favorite social networks

Maintain a Balanced Life

Exhaustion can be a serious problem that bloggers encounter. You may have worked on your blog for months without break and in the end, have a very small reward.

It is important to maintain balance in your life or you can have a “burn out”, get away from your blog and never go back.

Take time in your calendar to spend time with family and friends. If you are religious, take time to go to worship.

Spend time on other activities you enjoy. You will also be amazed at how motivation will strike you when you do other tasks.

Take Care of Yourself

Everyone has their business. You can have a job outside and blog only at night or on weekends. Maybe you have a family or a busy social life.

This can be difficult to find time to take care of us with all that is happening, but if you do not feel well it is difficult to do everything to stay on top of the tasks you have to finish to focus on the Writing the best possible content.

Make regular sports to stay healthy and stay focused.
Do not skip your meals even if you are busy.
Have enough hours of sleep. If you stay up to 3 am to write articles, it is possible that this does not make sense to the readers (many inattention mistakes by).

Meet Other People In The Field of Blogging

Successful bloggers know that blogging can be hard and lonely. They do not try to go it alone. Instead, they develop a network of other people in the same branch to whom they can turn to seek advice, write guest articles, create links and have support.

For example, there are a lot of groups both on Facebook and on Twitter in just about any niche unimaginable with the sole purpose of creating a network. For example, if you are a blogger on the garden center, you could join a group on Facebook where there are bloggers on this area.

Once you join these groups, members will give tips, tricks, love and share your content on social networks. This extends your reach and extends their scope as you reciprocate.

Create a network builds your audience and gives you an organ for reflection.

Be Regular

In the lists of habits that bloggers have, there is one thing that comes up again and again. Publish regularly and be loyal to yourself and your audience.

Use statistics to understand when there is heavy traffic to your blog and then choose this time to plan articles.
Publish on social networks at the same time so your fans/followers know they can count on you.
If you have a voice, do not try to change it.
Respond to readers’ comments. They should know they can interact with you.
Your readers will come to have confidence in your integrity and will know that they can count on you and will feel at ease to share the content of your blog with others.

In summary

In the end, it comes down to the reasons why you started blogging.

Do you have anything to say or a little knowledge about an area you want to share?

Create good habits, write good content regularly, exchange with your readers and the rest will come.

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