Awesome Productivity Tools to Make a Student’s Life Easier

There probably is not a student in the world who is satisfied with their current productivity. You are surely not immune to distractions, especially when you are young and want to break free from the clams of the challenging educational system.
If you are mainly using the Internet for the sake of social networking and watching funny videos, then you are wasting its potential. There are great tools that can help you increase your productivity and cover more work in a minimum amount of time. Are you ready to discover the productive side of the online world? Start with the tools listed below!

1. Text Compactor

When you have a large text that you need to summarize, this tool will help you achieve that with no effort. Text Compactor is possibly the best online tool for cognitive rescaling. It enables you to create different versions of the summary until you are completely happy with the outcome.

2. Diigo

When you need to collect important information for your academic projects, you can easily get lost among all resources you think are important. Diigo will enable you to navigate through the confusing online world by enabling you to highlight information on different websites, add notes and save them for further review.

3. Pocket Mod

This tool is intended to be a free personal study guide and organizer for students, and manages to achieve that goal effortlessly. By using Pocket Mod, you can organize your notes and carry them around whenever you need them by creating small books that feature guides on each page. Clearly, students usually use these tiny books as cheat sheets.

4. Remember the Milk

Let’s face it: your professors have too much requirements and it’s difficult for you to keep track on all assignments and tasks they expect you to complete. With the help of Remember the Milk, you won’t have to look through your notebooks to find important notes and you won’t need to rely on your burdened memory. You can create your task list online and the tool will automatically synchronize the details on all your devices.

5. Bubble Timer

No matter how many excuses you find to check what’s new on Twitter, you have to realize the fact that distractions are only wasting your time and limiting your productivity. When you start using Bubble Timer effectively, you will see exactly how much time you need for completing certain tasks, so you will become motivated to use it responsibly.

6. iStudiez Lite

This cool iPhone and iPad app includes few necessary tools that will help you become a better student: homework planner, schedule, notifications for your assignments and classes, and a simple calendar.


To-do lists are more important than you think. is an intuitive task manager that will help you stay on top of your assignments and get all things done on time. You will stay organized and simplify your daily life at the same time.

8. Essay Eagles

Unfortunately, all students have to write awesome papers if they want to get good grades, although academic writing isn’t everyone’s thing. Essay Eagles is a website that enables you to rely on professional assistance provided by graduate degrees in various fields of study. When you take advantage of their knowledge and expertise, all essays, research papers, and other assignments will be done on time and you’ll surely get better grades on them.

All students can become better; all they need is the right set of productivity tools!

Never doubt that you can learn everything you set your mind to. Everyone’s brain holds a great capacity of memorizing and conceptualizing. All you need to do is find the right tools that will boost your productivity and improve your learning style. We already made your job easier by listing some of the most effective online productivity tools that are currently available.

Make your pick and start exploring them all; you will soon notice their direct effects upon your GPA.    

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