How Find Inspiration And Motivation To Carry On Blogging

It’s time to talk about something that has the potential to kill your Blog. The Apathy (def: state of indifference to emotion, motivation or passion).

A blogger can have the best strategy in the world but if he has neither motivation nor passion for his blog (or his theme) he runs right to his loss. One of the keys to success for a blogger is having a long-term approach and being consistent.

There are times when the blogger can feel slow, and where the chore of doing research, writing articles, creating a network can put a stop to it – I’m still struggling to find new ideas To combat apathy. I have seen other bloggers who have gone through and today their blogs either they are no longer updated or they do not even exist anymore.

So I decided to declare a war against apathy and I will share a few things that have helped some bloggers to keep their motivation. Feel free to add your comments and experiences in the comments.

  • Start a Series – It’s hard to have all the time new ideas, so why not pick a broad topic to cover that will take you a week. Once you have a topic to work on, it’s easy to have more ideas – and a series of articles on a topic/theme speeds up this process.
  • Invite Readers To Ask Questions – Involve your readers, ask them what subjects they would like you to treat. This will be more stimulating and you will have more ideas for your future articles.
  • Review Your Old Articles – If your archives are filled with old articles you’ve worked on, put them back on the agenda or edit them, then publish them again.
  • Make a New Design – I always think that a new coat of paint can refresh a room and give more glow. It’s the same for a blog, give it a makeover on a game, or change style (without deteriorating your blog). This will give you again more enthusiasm to continue your blog.
  • Write Articles In Advance – If you have a little energy start writing articles in advance. When you are inspired write more, so that the day you are in “apathy” mode or lack of inspiration, you do not get stuck.
  • Keep a “Newspaper With Ideas” – This is a bit similar to the previous point but you can keep a journal where you put up ideas for articles. This can be just titles of articles, whole articles, or just a few points that come to mind. I use Evernote, and as soon as I have an idea I put it in a note. I use as a support the mobile app and the PC.
  • Program Your Publications – It’s impressive to see what you can produce if you give yourself a deadline. Even if for some this can do the opposite, for the majority of us it keeps us active. Whether you post an article every day, or every 2 or 3 days, that’s a good thing because it makes you disciplined.
  • Invite Bloggers To Post Articles – You can inject new blood into your blog by inviting a blogger (s) in your niche to post an article on your blog. They will bring energy and freshness. During this time it will give you time to rest and start off on the right foot.
  • Read Other Blogs – Sometimes we are so focused on our own blog that we forget to interact with other bloggers. I remember a few months ago that I did not even read other blogs. Getting back to basics and reading other blogs makes us rediscover the reason we started blogging.
  • Interact With Other Bloggers – This is a bit related to the previous point. I think it is necessary not only to read other blogs but also to interact with other bloggers. Leave comments, send them emails, chat on Skype. Do not let blogging become something lonely.
  • Short Articles – If you do not have much to say, do not say much. Make short articles that go directly to the basics. Short articles can be terribly effective communications tools and this can bring something special to your blog.
  • Make New Things – One of the best ways to stay creative is to do new things. Buy a book, go to the movies, spend time with your family, listen to music … Do something to get you out of your daily routine.
  • Write – It’s interesting to see what happens when you start writing. Some of your best articles will be those where you forced yourself to sit down to write.
  • Take a Break – Most of the time taking a break is just what it takes. We need a vacation – lately, I was in Miami and it made me feel good. I suggest bloggers have a few days off during the year. Think of warning your readers about the length of your absence unless you plan to blog even on vacation. But I think sometimes you have to let go and be disconnected.

Place Comments Bellow!

I look forward to hearing what your strategies are for you to always be motivated and inspired to fight apathy.

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