How to Choose Best SEO Company For Your Website

The choice of SEO Expert for Search Engine Optimization is an important and may difficult task for you. Significant in so far as natural traffic is still by far the leading lever of traffic on the internet. But it is not easy to find the right Company in SEO. Many testimonials of companies disappointed by the work of their SEO Company flock to the forums. Some agencies or freelancers overcharge performances that are not only inconclusive but can even be Dangerous because they may useBlack Hat SEO. Customers, on the other hand, are not always exempt from reproaches (poorly formulated request, choice of the provider made quickly). To guard against unpleasant surprises, the choice of the SEO Services really should not be taken lightly.

You Should Learn At Least Minimum SEO Skills 

Before even looking for an SEO provider to outsource all or part of your SEO activity, you need to master a minimum topic. This is a key point. Many companies do not know anything about SEO and rely entirely on the expertise of SEO. Upstream, this ignorance of the basics of SEO makes very difficult the choice of the SEO Service Provider, prevents the understanding of the constraints specific to the SEO and created downstream a dependency relation with the SEO Company.

Knowledge of SEO fundamentals can be gained very quickly. SEO is a complex field, of course, that presupposes a good web culture, but that can be quickly understood in its general logic, provided that it devotes some time.

You will realize that a mastery of the basics of SEO is very often indispensable. The SEO activity is rarely fully outsourced. Indeed, most of the time, the mission of the SEO Services firstly in auditing the site and then, in a second step, in writing recommendations to be followed in an audit report. The client is then responsible for carrying out the operational work of referencing (Editing Content, Backlinks, Internal Links), based on the recommendations of the SEO SEO Consultant. By the way, the brand of good SEOs is undeniably their ability to involve their clients in SEO work. If you want to attach the services of a quality provider, you must also work on your side.

It is very easy to find information on SEO. Many sites or specialized forums are even entirely devoted to SEO. So you do not have to go far to find all the basic info you need. For your information, count about ten hours of work and reading to master the essential logic of SEO.

Define Your Need and Your SEO Goals

The second very important thing to choose the right expert in SEO: you must at all costs succeed in clearly defining your needs and objectives. If you do not know what you want, it’s wrong. The reason is simple: depending on your main activity, the nature of your site and the type of queries on which you want to better SERP Positioning yourself Will be different.

The needs of a lawyer who seeks to position his showcase site on fifteen queries have little to do with those of an e-commerce site that seeks to index its product pages on thousands of keywords. The actions to be implemented will be very different.

Writing a brief, even short (two pages), is a highly recommended practice. By formulating your expectations, you will be able to better define for yourself what you are looking for. This will probably allow you to better define your goals. This brief will then serve as a basis for your exchanges with the SEO Company. If you do not have a fairly accurate idea of the goals you are pursuing in SEO, it will be very difficult to find a quality SEO. “Good” referrers usually only accept “serious”, clear and well-defined requests, leaving out convoluted or overly broad requests. The brief sends a signal to the provider as to the seriousness of your request.

Here is a Simple and Effective PlanThat You Can Use to Write The Brief:

  • Context: In this first part, you introduce yourself, describe what your activity is, what SEO investments have been made in the past, how your marketing team is composed and what technology is used for your website (CMS, Hosting).
  • Target: This is to answer the concrete question: what people are you targeting? And from which country, you should also know what are the typical queries on which you would prefer to position your site. Be as specific as possible in the description of the target your targeting clients (Sex, City, Behavioral Criteria, Interests).
  • Objectives: This part is central in the brief because it explains to the provider why you are calling on him. Your goal should not be too broad (of the type: increase my CA, generate more sessions etc.). You need to tell your service provider in what context SEO work needs to be conducted, putting this work back into the overall goals of your web project. The practice of defining a list of objectives and associating them with indicators is ideal. Examples of indicators: your positioning on certain queries, the number of indexed pages, etc. Indicate if possible the duration after which you want to reach your objectives (2 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years).
  • Perimeter: The objectives define the end sought, while the perimeter defines the means to be implemented and the type of work that you ask the expert. Do you want to use SEA in addition to SEO? Do you want advice and recommendations only, or does the provider also have to take care of the operational part of setting up the recommendations? You may not have the answers to these questions. Rest assured, this is largely normal. You will have the opportunity to discuss this with the SEO Expert on the day of your meeting.

As you can see, writing the brief already assumes some knowledge of the logic of referencing. By clearly defining your needs, your objectives and the perimeter of the benefits requested, you almost immediately guard against the “bad” referents and charlatans. You show that you know a little about the subject and that you will not let it bob!

Make An Exhaustive List of SEO Companies

SEO is a thriving business, so it is very simple to find providers. Make a list of all the providers that you find and who seem competent. To search for providers, you can start by typing “Freelance SEO”, “SEO Consultant” or “SEO Agency ” in Google. You will immediately fall on dozens of results according to your location.

By the way, we advise you to determine from the beginning whether you want to work with an independent freelancer or with an agency. To make it very short, an agency usually costs more than a freelance but offers a more qualitative accompaniment in duration. A freelancer can very well disappear in nature after you have communicated his audit report. Afterward, it is obvious that this practice is very rare on the part of serious freelancers.

It is also possible to search for providers outside of Google. Linking platforms are very effective for example. You apply by filling out a form and then receive proposals tailored to your needs.

Make a Selection Based on The Reputation and Positioning of SEO Consultant

The question to thousand Dollars: who put on the list? And then: how to make the selection? There are two essential criteria to consider in order to complete this step. First, Reputation. You may find Some Consultants are well known and have a well-established reputation, on the other hand, the freelancers may specialize in WordPress SEO.

To evaluate providers, you may also be interested in their references. This makes it possible to get a clear idea of the qualities of each and the other and to verify that the services provided correspond to your needs. Pure player references are those that have the most value. Do not hesitate to contact former clients to ask them for feedback.

The second criterion relevant to selecting the company is their positioning. All SEOs do not do the same job in reality, or at least do not offer the same type of benefits because all website have different type with unique goals of SEO. Some work only upstream: their job is simply to audit the site and write recommendations. Others accompany their clients in operational work. In addition, some providers are more specialized in site architecture (internal linking, semantic markup, performance) while others are mainly dedicated to the generation of backlinks. Some master SEO and others have no competence in the field of buying links etc.

As regards the billing of service providers, two main economic models exist: invoicing to performance and billing to performance.

we advise against the use of performance-based business models. These economic models mostly denote a very short-term vision of SEO. Experts who propose this billing model will be encouraged to use dangerous practices in order to quickly boost the referencing of your site to inflate the bill (at the risk that these practices are, in the medium term, sanctioned by Google.

Prepare For Meeting with Selected SEO Experts

Once you have selected a number of SEO Companies that seem to meet your needs, you should prepare the telephone interviews (or face-to-face).

Step one: get as much information as possible about the selected providers: their team, if they have one, their references, their history etc. Do not hesitate to invite a friend or colleague who knows you to the interview. Its presence and opinion can prove very useful, especially if you do not have good SEO knowledge.

Prepare Several Open Questions, Such As:

  • How do you analyze the SEO strategy of my competitors?
  • How much time/resources do I need to invest in SEO over the next 2 years to reach the goal of my business?
  • What are the major obstacles to achieving this? What are the possible shortcomings of my site?
  • Have you ever worked with clients who made the same requests as mine? If so, what actions have you taken? What were the results?
  • How long can you offer me a quote? If the consultant answers: right away, it’s a bad sign (it certainly indicates a lack of seriousness on his part).

These questions provide a fairly accurate picture of the SEO Expert Company you will encounter, depending on the quality of the answers. These interviews will allow you to sort through all the selected providers and choose, in fine, the right one. Last advice: do not hesitate, after the interviews, to do research on the internet to verify that the ideas and first tracks proposed by the provider are “serious”.

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