Increase Your Blog Organic Traffic Without Creating Backlinks

You’ve created an exceptional blog with a lot of content, but you’re having trouble getting the traffic that your hard-earned work deserves?

Creating links and increasing your Domain Authority (DA) is a way to increase your traffic through SEO. Unfortunately, it takes time and enormous effort to promote content.

But did you know? You can increase your organic traffic without constantly claiming backlinks. The following strategies I present below are methods that you can set up in order to increase your web traffic without getting to your knees to crave backlinks. Some of the suggestions below focus on creating these value links without going through solicitation.

Republish Your Existing Content 

It does not take as much time as creating a whole new article. And this does not require any link creation. But you can start by updating your already existing content. Stroll through your old articles, and republish them with updated content, such as a new introduction, an updated section, a snippet of a new search and images. You then want to make sure that people are aware of the update of your content. To do this, just add something similar to “(Update 2017)”, and for this update to your title to be visible to your readers within search results, you can add “(Update 2017) “At the end of your title.

Then you can also change the date so that your article is at the top of your blog, and if the published date appears in the search results, then the article will look recent.

It is wise to do this with items that have already been well received. If you want to play the honesty card, tell your readers at the top of the post that this is an updated version of an old article.

Share Often Your Old Posts On Social Media

You do not even have to republish to reuse the excellent items of the past. You must automatically share new posts on all social networking sites. However, and all too often, people simply let their former articles go away  Never stop sharing your articles: I recommend you to share an article at least after a few months after publishing it at different times of the day.

Everything that is old can become new again …
There are many ways to reuse an old content. People LOVE free stuff. So why not make your hand by rearranging your old content? You can use existing content to do things like:

  • Free eBooks
  • Reports
  • Checklists
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts

Offer them free to drive direct traffic to your website via more channels and media, rather than just relying on your website. In fact, people who handle Convince and Convert consistently transform one content into eight. You can also use these gifts to collect memberships for your lists, to whom you will be able to sell your new items in the future. So the fact that you have not redesigned several items does not mean they are dead. Continue to transform them into alternative types of information in order to generate traffic.

Another great way to generate additional traffic is to use old items by sending them within a regular newsletter.

Send a regular newsletter that discusses one or more of your previous articles, or notify new subscribers of some of your best content. This makes it possible to generate more glances on your old articles, and this increases the total shares and opportunities to receive more links back to your older articles. Obviously, always send out a newsletter with each of the new items you have created.

Facilitate Easy Access To The Elements

Over time, your site will start to have a lot of old buried content. Facilitate access to your readers by creating a resource page. It’s easy to keep some of your best content and classify the items into sub-categories. For example I do this by adding some of my articles that will be most useful to people who have just landed on my website, adding them to the “Start Here” page and redirecting to them from Navigation menu.

Present Your Best Work To Your Readers

Another alternative is to create a compilation of your most successful content, from the articles you have published over the past month, or even from last year.
Use your analytical tools to find the articles published in the past that have gained the most views and shares. Then create an event article that places these posts in the spotlight, choosing the time period that suits you. This is a great thing to do regularly – either quarterly or annually – to promote your site.

To find out what is your best content, use Google Analytics, and select the time period you want in the top right. Then, under “Behavior> Site Content> All Pages”, you can see which pages were most visited during this time.

Combine them all to create a resource page that gathers your best content. Do not forget to share the resource page on the pages of your social networks. Google makes regular updates so it may be that a popular article today will not be updated tomorrow! Do not hesitate to regularly check the dates of Google updates to determine effectively which content to highlight.

Bring Other People To Create and Promote Content For You

You do not have time to create more elements? You do not have any new ideas? Are you just tired and you need to take a break? Publicly post invited articles. It’s simple.

You get free content that is relevant to your niche, without having to squeeze a single key on your keyboard. Openly place reserved sites for guest articles on your blog/website. It’s a good idea to set up some content-based settings, such as your favorite topics, how it should be linked to your current content, and so on.

You can also specify that guest items must be approved. In this way, no one can imagine that the mere fact of sending you an article will ensure its publication.
You can, therefore, be certain that this work will be fully beneficial to your readers, and that it will generate the SEO response that you want to receive.
Be sure to tell interested parties that they can also submit external links and bios.

Create a top ten to generate traffic without links

You can be your own best advertiser if you create content that people want to see. Create articles or lists of information that will help readers find the best of what they are looking for. Such articles and lists of information include:

  • Top Ten Lists
  • Best of
  • User Guides
  • Product Reviews
  • Tips and tricks

It Is Always Good To Ask

Sometimes it pays to ask. You do not have to beg or offer a newborn to get a backlink. Find other bloggers with a blog topic similar to yours.
If you have taken the time to create a quality site, then it is likely that they will be more than happy to redirect to you. They offer a service to their readers, and they add it to their site at the same time.

While some will want a counterpart, this is not always necessary. Sometimes if you really want this inbound link and they absolutely want a back link, then offer them a short descriptive or even a short term link in the sidebar. It’s much easier than creating a large block of relevant content for their link. Suggest the exchange of articles …
Of course, this requires the creation of more content, but you get original elements for your blog within return the reciprocity of the link.

Visit Other Blogs And Comments

Another easy way to easily get inbound links is too often comment on other blogs. As you are probably passionate about everything related to your niche, reading everything you can in connection with it is a natural pastime. It makes sense to comment on other blogs, articles, and websites. Whenever you can post a comment, do it. If possible, add a link to your website within the comment. Some sites give you the option of entering your URL when creating the comment. It is therefore automatically associated with your name. In summary, you get visibility when you write a short comment.

You Should Not Always Create Content To Increase Organic Traffic

Not all posts need to be articles for which you have created content. Search for infographics, images, and articles that are associated with your blog, and post them.
Computer graphics are one of the best types of content to generate massive traffic. I use graphics very much when I blog, and if you regularly share visually appealing graphics, then you will also see an increase in traffic.
Two options are available:

Use the infographics of other people by producing a unique content to accompany it. Be sure to check that they are not copyrighted, or pay for a license to use it. If they have an embed code, then use it to post the item, or create a back link that redirects to the original site. However, if you are comfortable in the production of infographics, I recommend that you approach other blogs in your niche by offering your computer graphics with a unique introduction, as it is a great way to generate Additional traffic from your content.
For example, here is a scenario where I put in place this tactic:

Use Social Networks To Their Maximum Result

  • Create a complete profile
  • Add a link to your site on all your social networking profiles
  • Talk to your followers
  • Post often

Tip / Definition
One of the most important things you can do with social networks is to develop loyalty. Rather than creating long articles for your blog or website, chat with people on social networks. Ask what likes and dislikes your followers, as well as what they would like to see most often.

Take advantage of this information …

You will be surprised how many times people ask the question … will get the answer … and will do nothing else to stimulate the followers.

Be On The Page To Get Interesting Traffic

Be attentive to what is happening within your industry. When the news is hot, create a blog post to talk about. Other interested people in your niche will also want to know the news and know your views on what is going on. This will also position you as an expert in your niche. But how will you manage to get before the others the latest news from your niche?

Make the effort to constantly keep an eye open and listen. If you are a blogger or a part of a marketing team , keep an eye out for intriguing stories and anecdotes that you could tackle within a news post to make the buzz. Alternatively, identify the best newspapers and news sites in your niche. Observe them regularly for fresh news, and do additional research on a topic to create a news article. Another method is to use the headlines of popular newspapers to adapt them to yours, but not to forget to optimize them for the Internet. Have a look at this guide that focuses on making clickable titles for your blog.

Finally, use Google News by entering your targeted keyword, and then identify the latest articles that Google ranks in the news.

This is an excellent method to know the news articles tendencies towards a keyword related to your niche.

Make The Most of Your Current Content – Check Your Site Regularly

When you set up your site, you are definitely performing a strict check of all the on-page SEO attributes of your site. If you do not, do it now. However, it is not because you have done it that everything is going well. Check your site regularly. You should check your SEO on-page at least quarterly. Every month it’s even better.

What to Look For During a Site Verification

  • Check for accessibility errors
  • Check for 404 errors
  • Launch a site speed test
  • Make sure your site is always mobile-friendly
  • Check your images to make sure they are optimized
  • If you are using an SEO plugin, do not ignore the warnings


Easily finding link-sharing platforms and creating compelling content to share on social networks are all easy things to do, and proven methods of generating traffic.

Make sure your site is well optimized, and you will see an increase in traffic.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions, or if you know of other tricks to increase traffic without linking.

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