Migrate from Blogger to Joomla Easy Guide

Today I am going to share with you how to migrate from Blogger to Joomla. If you are a blogger then no need to upgrade your blogger to joomla because blogger is google plate form for blogging but if you want take care of your blog professionaly as big kind of website. So Joomla fits according to your website needs.
You can follow given bellow steps to convert blogger blog into joomla website or blog.

Steps To Migrate from Blogger to Joomla Easy Guide

  1. First of all you will download Feed Gator (extension) for Joomla.You can find the latest release here.
  2. Now You Install the Feed Gator Extension (there shouldn’t be any problem doing this).
  3. Go to Components –> Feed Gator –> Manage Feeds.
  4. Now you should Create a new entry and set the title.
  5. Go to your blog and check the link to your RSS feed at the bottom, it should be something like this: Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)
  6. Now set the rest of the properties in the entry and save it.
  7. At the end you select the entry (tick on the left side) and then click on “Import All”.
  8. Its Done now you can find all posts (entries) in article manager of joomla.


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